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The Tourbillon Souverain's dead-seconds indicator was a surprise, as the mechanical watch industry at the time was very wary of being associated with quartz oscillators. The combination of the tourbillon with dead seconds was something of a mission statement, as these features tend to affect chronometric performance. It was a great way to demonstrate how serious Chopard Replica Watches was about fine watchmaking. Journe.

Octa is a self-winding collection. This is pretty amazing, especially considering the wide range of functions that are expressed in the entire collection and the fact that each individual caliber has the same dimensions.

It is amazing how different each model looks. Even when two watches have the same number of complications (Chopard Replica Watches), they are still very different.

Date and moonphase display are distinct. The date is bigger in the Octa Divine and the disc for the moonphase is at a different location. This only highlights the dedication of Chopard Replica Watches Journe is committed to producing the most visually appealing timepieces. This includes modifying every movement to suit a particular model. In this case, the caliber 1300.3 was built from the ground-up to accommodate the two different locations for the display of the time (off-centered and central).

Resonance refers to the tendency of an oscillating system's amplitude to increase when it is excited at its own natural frequency. Every mechanical watch has resonance: otherwise, the balance and hairspring would not work.

When we think of resonance, what most people are thinking about is locked harmonic oscillation. This is when adjacent oscillating system with the same natural frequencies become phase-aligned within an environment of secondary and mutual excitation. The result is higher vibrational stability, which translates into better chronometric results, and increased energy efficiency (Richard Mille Replica).

For this to happen in the Chopard Replica Watches You only need a smartphone to Journe-Chronometre Resonance. After jiggling the watch so that the twin balances weren't synchronized for about 20 minutes, I used my iPhone to film the movement and watched the balances slowly align themselves.

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